How Pakistani Art Crafters Are Using Facebook


How Pakistanis are using Facebook is a TechJuice exclusive. The aim is to show the world that Facebook, or any social media platform for that matter, isn’t just for connecting people and can be used in various positive ways. 

Pakistani Art Crafters

Varah has loved paper-crafting since teenage. She used to upload photographs of her artwork on a personal album on her Facebook profile and share it with her friends by tagging them in it. Before she knew it, the fan-base of her art started growing and eventually she lost track of where fans were coming from. She recognized the opportunity and started her own business page on Facebook in 2010.

Today,Varah’s Firefly has over 20,000 fans on Facebook and ships out around 200-1,000 items each month (including bulk and corporate orders). Varah is also the brains behind the successfully organized “Crafter’s Expo” of 2012 and 2013 (which was the biggest art & craft exhibition of its kind in Pakistan). Through Facebook, an Indus Valley textile design graduate turned her hobby into a viable online home-based business.


“Facebook is the reason Firefly has this many fans today”, Varah said. She further commented on how the social media network has helped her business reach more people, “On the days when our activity and posts are minimal, we get a reach of about 6,000-7,000 users and on busy days we reach up to 17,000-19,000 Facebook users and potential customers.”

Varah is just one of the many Pakistani Facebook users who are using the platform for more than just staying in touch with friends and sharing photos of their meals. The social media has made information sharing a piece of cake and has turned the users into citizens of a global community. People are using the social media for all kinds of stuff; from participating in discussion about a TV show or a movie to engaging in debate about politics and the economy; from signing a petition for a cause they believe in to start an actual revolution. As for businesses, a Facebook presence is now considered almost crucial. Sellers and service providers, large and small, from every corner of the world are beginning to understand the importance of having a well-maintained page on the social networking site. Furthermore, there are dozens of Pakistani entrepreneurs out there that started their businesses on Facebook and have turned it into something real.

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