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WhatsApp May Soon Have a Screen Lock for Web Users

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
WhatsApp Web screen lock

WhatsApp has recently been believed to have planned some more privacy features and this time for its for the WhatsApp Web users.

Logging WhatsApp on the Web can turn out to be something quite unsafe especially in situations where the user is far from the desk. As to avoid that, WhatsApp is now launching Web screen locks, securing out private details behind a password.

WhatsApp Beta Info have shared several details about this new security check. According to the news provided by them WhatsApp will be checking this new feature with beta users.

The news says, WhatsApp is going to enable this security feature for its users and once the users enable it, with every login a password would be required to proceed information access. WhatsApp is unlikely to make it the default setting for its Web version, by going to settings users can access it and use it as per their choice.

However, this WhatsApp security feature is not just limited to passwords. As we know almost all devices come with biometrics support and keeping that in mind WhatsApp is also providing the option to login with a fingerprint sensor. But most probably it won’t be possible for iPhone and Mac users.

In addition to this WhatsApp is not going to lock you out if you forget the lock screen password. In replacement to this WhatsApp will allow users to logout from the desktop version, linking the device through QR codes on the Web platform.

With increasing cases of data breaching and intrusions of privacy, such a feature on WhatsApp Web will always look out for you. Being useful and important for privacy, this feature has high chances of launching for all users.


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