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10 Free Apps for Movie & TV Lovers

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Now a days there is an app for almost everything. If you’re a smartphone user you have thousands of apps to choose from, but the real question usually is which apps to get. Fortunately for you dear reader, TechJuice brings you lists of best apps in various categories from time to time. Lately, we’ve been exploring and trying out mobile applications targeted towards movie goers and TV viewers (not the content streaming and downloading apps, because most of their content either violates law or is not available in Pakistan or requires paid subscriptions). Whether you are a series binge watcher or a huge movie buff, here are some smartphone apps that will make your experience a whole lot better.

1 . Trailer Addict

Honestly, the app name say it all. This app is for those who love movie trailers. If you like to watch trailers to stay abreast with the latest box office scene and upcoming films, this is the application for you. Trailer Addict makes searching and viewing easy for its users. The app doesn’t even require YouTube access to play high definition trailer clips, because all the users view videos through Trailer Addict’s custom trailer player. Once you download it on your phone you can find trailers by film, genre, actor, actress or any other type of category worth mentioning. The TA database is updated daily, and hosts both old and new clips from films of the 50s till the titles of today.

[Download here: Google Play | App Store]

2. TvTag

Formerly known as GetGlue, this app lets people check-in to the movies and shows they are watching and engage in discussions about any element, character or detail of the episode or film. The app brings you suggestions based on the stuff you’ve previously watched along with lists of top shows and movies (based on the total check-ins and fan interactivity on TvTag). TvTag likes to reward its users with cool little “stickers”, which are actually like virtual badges you unlock as you review or check-in to a program or flick or a category of shows. The more you check-in and engage, the more stickers will appear on your profile. Although we liked this app better when they mailed out real copies of stickers, it’s still worth using.

[Download here: Google Play | App Store]

3. TV Series

TV Series might sound somewhat similar to TvTag since it too lets you check into TV series you follow but it’s quite different. Besides being a gorgeous application, the app is fast and offers a unique mix of functionality that was good enough to impress us. For each series, the app features the show description along with the season and episode details as well as an easy way to mark episodes as seen and a calendar function. Here’s the catch though, you can’t add more than 8 TV series to your collection at a time, for that the freemium app asks you to upgrade to the paid version. It’s still a nice app for the casual watchers who don’t follow dozens of shows (like the author) and just want a single resource for their TV hobby.

[Download here: Google Play]

4. IMDb

What movie lover hasn’t heard of IMDb (International Movie Database)? This app is a must have for everyone who watches movies, regardless of the genres they like or their movie-watching frequency. IMDb is one of the best references, if not the very best, for movies, actors, directors, and TV series. Included are photos, biographies, trailers, descriptions, reviews, trivia, movie showtimes, TV listings, and more. The IMDb app even lets you login to manage your watchlist and add reviews. It’s the ultimate must-have movie and TV app.

[Download here: Google Play | App Store]


5. SeriesGuide

SeriesGuide was selected among Google’s 12 best apps of 2012, and for a good reason: it is designed to look beautiful on phones and tablets alike, SeriesGuide is often updated, fast, full of functionality and proves to be an invaluable tool for TV addicts. Manage (re-)watching your favorite TV shows and movies and see what is coming up, keep track of what to watch next with SeriesGuide. The app also let’s you check in with TvTag (reviewed above).

[Download here: Google Play]


6. mVideoPlayer

If you carry a lot of movies and TV series on your microSD card and are looking for a good video player then this is the app for the job. mVideoPlayer acts a visual library as well as a video player. The app not only gathers details for all of your media and organizes it with posters and synopsis, but also plays different video formats with a variety of settings and gestures. One of mVideoPlayer’s best feature is its ability to look for subtitles for any of the movies or episode (in any language) then download and rename it to fit perfectly with the video.

[Download here: Google Play ]

7. Movie Twist


Movie Twist is a movie recommendation app. It can recommend movies in two ways. The first way involved using parameters like humor and violence as well as genre of the movies and the year they were released in. The second method makes recommendations based on a specific category, a tag or even your current mood!

[Download here: Google Play | App Store]



8. TV Show Favs


TV Show Favs is like a personal TV tracker. The app allows you to keep track of over 25K TV shows. Can’t remember which episode you watched last? Often find yourself wondering when the next episode of one of your favorite TV show is due to air? The solution is simple, let TV Show Favs help you out. This application allows you to maintain a list of your favorite TV shows, as well as tag any TV show or episode with whatever tag you come up with. Users can even check out the top favs among all users of TV Show Favs and filter by date range, show status, classification and genre. You can also use the customizable home screen widget to see your next episode for your shows or upcoming or recent episodes at a glance.

[Download here: Google Play]

9. Guess the Movie


If you’re a movie buff who is confident about their movie knowledge, and would like to test yourself with quizzes and trivia, this is the app for you. Guess The Movie offers a creative approach to movie enthusiasts who want to test their knowledge. The app shows you a very simplified version of a movie poster and you have to guess the title of the film. It can get difficult at times but don’t worry, you are also given hints. If you like the concept of this app but you’re more into actors and celebrities, the developer also offers Guess The Celeb for free.

[Download here: Google Play | App Store]


10. SideReel


We’ve already covered a few TV tracking apps above but SideReel is too good to be ignored. SideReel seems to do more than just list television shows, the app almost celebrates them. Users can find programming that suits almost any popular genre. The app contains a wealth of information on show developments, cancellations, upcoming programs and more. Users can create an account and track their favorite TV shows and receive recommendations based on their current viewing interests. You can access your SideReel Tracker to mark which episodes you have watched and get notifications for when the shows you follow are about to air.

[Download here: Google Play | App Store]


BONUS APPS: Want to check out the movie listings of your nearby cinemas? Try Showtimes. Want to get tickets in advance and book your favorite seat? There’s a brilliant new startup app doing just that for people like you – it’s called, do check it out!

Are you a movie and TV lover? Do you like using your smartphone to discover, watch or even improve your experience? If so, what apps do you use, from this list or ones that we forgot to mention? Leave your views and suggestions in the comments section below.

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