10 Jobs That Artificial Intelligence May Replace Soon

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With the emergence of artificial intelligence, it has changed the shape of the world. Anyone can’t survive without bumping into artificial intelligence. It will reshape the whole world in coming years. Soon AI will have a great impact even though second life 2.0 does not exist currently. People may comapred it to the rise of automation over the last few decades, which witnesses the reshaping of entire industries by robotics and self-operating machines.


The recent Goldman Sachs report states that it is expected that AI will replace 300 million workers. Here we are highlighting 10 occupations that AI could make obsolete shortly


The next model of AI is super intelligent and it has the potential to do all financial tasks. Instead of training it on a wide range of data, it will follow more targeted pathways. One of the most important factors on which the companies are working is to train AI that can perform basic accounting duties.

Multiple accounting companies including Safe are already using artificial intelligence to automate their process. As soon as the bot will be trained on export algorithms, it will automatically reduce the human input. Automation will replace entry-level accounting jobs, leaving organizations composed of auditors and overseers who just monitor the AI’s work.

Content Moderators

Emotional social platforms like Facebook and Twitter place their content Moderators who must filter out offensive images, videos, and other irrelevant content so that it won’t become public. A large portion is already pre-screened by AI algorithms, but the financial decisions are made by a human being.

As soon as these programs will improve, they will automatically reduce the demand for human workers, and AI will become more and more accurate.

Legal Assistants

Hence, AI is performing so well in various fields but still, it is not sure whether it is good at making decisions and ready to go in Infront of judges. But the lower echelons at law firms might feel vulnerable. When lawyers will get to know the competence of AI and machine learning to produce citations and summaries, they might feel insecure.

AI has the potential to replace human lawyers and can produce better results with facts.


ChatGPT is intelligent to generate readable text, poems, and prose. AI can be a great proofreader and can help in finding human errors. People use different software and applications to find out the errors in any text. Word processing and Google Docs are the best examples of AI as it’s a short step from showing a red underline on a misspelled word to letting the computer correct it on its own. That role has traditionally fallen to humans, but if you have a large data set, a machine could handle it intelligently.


AI can perform trading tasks very efficiently, and the algorithms on which it works are very well-equipped. Entry-level stock traders of big banks who are just out of business school spend their precious time modeling predictions in Excel and data management.

Though it’s a human task AI perform can perform the task more efficiently. AI will help in reducing the possibility of error and open the doors to more complex comparative modeling. The higher people in the management can perform their tasks and still be needed but people at the lower level should be ready for AI to make them obsolete soon.


Voice recognition algorithms and translators have been improving at staggering speeds in the last decades. Voice recognition systems first came on the market in 1952, but the modern machine has enabled systems to understand the language more easily and has the potential to create incredibly accurate and fast audio transcriptions.

Different occupations and organizations rely on transcriptions including journalists and lawyers, therefore the tool will help in generating the desired content

Graphic Designers

AI models are advanced enough to produce images in a large array of styles. Graphic design is itself a very creative field and requires holds on certain principles of colors, contrast, compositions, and readability. Indeed, it’s a perfect sandbox for a machine learning tool to play with.

Imagine giving a text to AI and checking its ability to produce thousands of layouts for a billboard, magazines, or visual materials in just a few seconds. It is simple and easy for the software to flow the content into a final print-ready file once the client chose a design. It will provide multiple designs to work on.

Customer Service

A text to speech software is an amazing creation to answer queries. AI is much more accurate and easier to scale than a call center. Even it helps companies by reducing their agent’s salaries and unpredictable staffing costs. Many companies are using AI to answer customer queries and AI has proven itself a best call agent


The loss of brave soldiers is indeed a big loss for any country to bear. AI has stepped-in in this field also and created a good mark. We have seen, now military agencies are using machines and technological weapons to save their country.

Self-directed munitions are not new, but technological advancement has enabled drones and other war weapons to make decisions and do battle without any human oversight. Hence, it is expected that World War III will be machine fighting.


AI is one of the best tools for producing relevant content. It is based on algorithms that produce authentic and accurate content.

ChatGPT mad other bots are the best examples of AI, which produces authentic content and can write poems, prose, and other writing context.

Many companies are using chatGPT to write articles and blog posts. An AI has the potential to replace writers, and content creators as it can generate accurate content.

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