PTA Records Over 14,000 Complaints Against Telcos In June

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In June 2023, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) records thousands of complaints against Telecommunication service providers. According to the data, PTA received 14,024 complaints against different telecom operators and cellular operators in June 2203. The latest news unveils that 13,844 i.e. 98.72% complaints have been resolved.

A Telecommunication service provider that transports information electronically through telephony and data communication services in the networking industry. Official data reveal that the complaints were specifically against various telecom operators, cellular mobile operators (CMOs)
Not only this, complaints were also launched against Pakistan Telecommunication Limited (PTCL), wireless local loop (WLL), long-distance international operators (LDI), and internet service providers (ISPs) in June.


Cellular mobile subscribers plays a vital role and posses a major part of the overall telecom subscriber base. The majority complaints are related to the particular segment. The total number of complaints against CMOs by June were 13,359,out of which, 13,324 (99.74%) were resolved.

According to PTA data:

Telecom Company Total Complaints Received Complaints Resolved Resolved Percentage
Jazz 5,925 5,923 99.97%
Telenor 2,496 2,495 99.96%
Zong 3,510 3,500 99.72%
Ufone 1,421 1,401 98.59%

Moroever, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) also received 133 complaints against basic telephony. As per PTA 106 complaints have been resolved during June with a resolution rate of 79.7%. In addition, 512 complaints were received against ISPs, out of which, 400 (78.13%) were addressed.

In past, PTA has received many complaints against cellular and Telecommunication companies. The amount shown in data showcases the performance of Telecommunication sector.

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