15 Exceptional Resumes from all over the Internet

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Maybe you know what you want to pen down on your resume, but you are not sure of how to do it. There’s a bit of fear overtaking your confidence. Well, not to worry. You can look at these fifteen actual resumes from all over the internet, some extremely creative while some very professionally crafted.
These are real resumes from real people who scored real jobs. For security purposes, some information and names have been altered.

1. This is from an Experienced Software Engineer. Simple, effective and to the point. Explains his credentials quite clearly along with his professional summary. Since, it’s a Resume; it is on two pages and carries his name as the headline, not “Curriculum Vitae”.

Resume 1

2. This resume comes from an experienced Marketing Manager. It is on a simple layout and design, with proper formatting.

Resume 2

3. The following CV is from a fresh graduate. See how it first states his education and clearly underlines his objectives.

Resume 3

4. This resume comes from an entrepreneur with extensive experience in relation to business management. I like how she states her profile right up at the front. Thought she could have used a bit more space to elaborate on her interests.

Resume 4

5. All the above mentioned CV/Resumes are from the traditional and conventional format. This resume is unconventional and is from a TV, radio print and web producer who has creatively put together this resume.



6. This person is a Communication specialist and is looking for a new job. His preference for a resume? An unconventional format. He details his experience, his education and his personal information as well.

Communication professional

7. She is an experienced web designer. Her resume is creative, yet simple and should be a six second treat for anyone viewing it. She also includes a link to her portfolio and includes all her details. It not only shows her credentials, but also her abilities as a designer.

web designer

8. A creative consultant, looking forward to a creative job by depicting his creativity in the best possible manner. Detail oriented, unconventional and again, a visual treat. See how he clearly defines his goal.

creative consultant and strategist

9. A media person using the concept of evolution to depict his credentials. This is another resume from the unconventional format.

Media resume

10. A current graphic designer who clearly states what he’s capable of and all his achievements in a combination of format. He uses both the conventional and the unconventional method to churn out a creative resume.

graphic designer

11. If you have a lot of information to present in your resume, this is the format for you. It’s creative, appealing and cover all the tidbits about your career. It’s structured and uses a bold look to present all the information in a clean manner.


12. Another eye catching resume. It looks simple and has the ability to project all your credentials in a visually pleasing manner.

12 (2)

12 (1)

13. The most important thing to keep in mind while making your resume is: To make sure, it stand out from the crowd! Almost all the resumes which we come across have a portrait orientation. So if you want yours to stand out, why not shake things up and get creative with your profile. Its a simple resume, just oriented differently than others and caught my attention because of its completeness and creativeness.


14. A visually appealing yet an extremely simple resume. All the information is presented categorically and is structured in a very formal manner, which makes it easier for the reader to understand all the contents of the resume.

14 (1)

14 (2)

15. Its a simple yet effective resume. It covers all the details in a precise and creative manner. Work experience, education and personal information are all present in one simple and structured format.


With this list, I have tried to incorporate two forms of Resumes/CV’s. It all depends on where you are sending your profile to and for what position. If you think, the conventional approach is best, follow that. But, if you are applying for a creative post then try to be a bit out of the box thinker, your CV/Resume would definitely be a stand-out. It all comes down to your research and dream jobs. Happy Surfing!

Written by Immad Khan
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