5 Best Work Planner Apps For The New Year

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Every one of us has some new plans and resolutions for the new year. Whether it is related to our studies or work-related tasks.

With the advancement of technology, everything has become so easier to manage effectively. Similarly, apps help us to keep our tasks managed and organized with team collaboration with managers at work.

Here we are bringing five basic apps that can help you to keep your work organized with team collaboration. Employ any of these five apps to ensure that your ideas are ready to implement in an organized way.



Proofhub is one of the best apps, user-friendly, and highly functional project management and team collaboration tools with all high-end features.

The app helps you to organize and track all planned work from home and the office, with team collaboration to get tasks done quickly.

Not only this, but it allows users for team discussions, and sharing of files, documents, and ideas with team members. Moreover, individual team members can also send a direct message to another member along with emojis, images, and much more.

Besides, task management managers can keep a check on their employees and can keep an eye on them. On the other hand, time tracking will help users to keep checking whether the employees are spending their time and are efficiently using their time or not.

Alas, users can also set time estimates, track time manually, or use timers. Users can add timesheets and create time reports of projects as well as individuals. Moreover, it also provides project scheduling, file management, and note-taking on its platform.

Bitrix 24

Bitrix 24

The easy-to-use CRM app is another way to organize and communicate within small organizations and startups with software automation features.

The platform enables to makes lead management solutions pretty powerful and enables users to manage projects and assign tasks to team members.

Team collaboration features include chats, HD video calls, a calendar, and a knowledge base including a virtual company workspace.

In addition, it also has an additional sales planner for each user’s deadline tools, the ability to manage an unlimited number of projects, and task automation features.

The platform allows the Scrum technique, and the free plans allow five Scrum teams to manage simultaneously.

Moreover, with tier plans, the business can get the advantage of many of its automated tools like invoice payments to track expenses or automation throughout the sales pipeline.

Individuals can also import contacts from Gmail, Yahoo mail, or any other mailbox. Bitrix 24 offers more than 600 apps with various customized options.

Any. do

The app has a calendar, planner, and reminders, and syncing on all devices offers the best way to organize one’s life this year.

The app has multiple features which include location-based, recurring reminders, and customized badges for quick reference (iOS only). Additionally, search tasks on the web app, sync data across all your devices, and email tasks directly to your list and calendar.

Though, the interface allows easy schedule planning. However, its free version allows users to have access to basic features whereas, its premium plan costs $5.99/per month



It is one of the best collaboration tools which helps in organizing tasks and projects into boards for easy sharing with other team members.

The app serves as a kind of whiteboard with multiple sticky notes denoting tasks for each team member. You will find images, documents, files, and comments on those sticky notes.

Motor er, also allow users to message each other, create custom buttons and integrate other apps into its software as well. The paid version of the app costs $5/user/month



It is the most flexible adaptable planner that will track and roadmap all tasks for the day with effective time management.

All the meetings and tasks are going to be categorized under one. Letting users know what they have planned for the day when they begin work.

Hence, the platform allows users to block distracting sites for straight focus and mute Slack.

Seamlessly, it is integrated with Google Hangouts and Zoom. Moreover, it has daily task reviews along with a directory to keep records. However, Friday has a mobile app and a paid plan of $4/month.

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