5 Easiest Online Businesses To Start In 2023

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  • Many people all around the world are seeking good online opportunities
  • Many online businesses have lower starts up costs than brick-and-Mortars
  • Here is the list of the five best online options, including content creation, coaching, and marketing

“Aspiring founders need to ensure that the product or service is needed in the marketplace,” said Cynthia Franklin, an entrepreneur professor at New York University.

Moreover, she also added that to start any business, “looking at where societal forces are heading and seeing if you can get ahead of the trend is a good start.”

“Start with scratching your itch.” Franklin also suggests for aspiring online business owners, “whatever you do, find something you care about because you’re going to need to put a lot of time and energy into making it succeed.”

Online Business

Content Creation And Social Media Management

Content creation is the fastest and easiest way to take a start. Many free and cheap editing tools and platforms are available over the internet to take a start.

Lauren Ferry and Lauren Mabra are the founders of Gen Z, social media and advertising agency. Lauren Labeled is the name of the company launched in 2021.

Their established business help other brands write films and produce social media campaigns and advertisements. Mabra said they have a specialty in marketing meant to reproduce the content or the kind of material an everyday social media user might post from their iPhone.

“We saw that it was a broken system.” “Business either had to do it in-house, and many teams are already short-staffed and overflowing with tasks. Moreover, they are going to influencers and paying $2,000 for one single video. How sustainable is that when you need new videos every single week?

Before the site was launched, it already had a waiting list of customers. According to Mabra, the business currently regularly books five revenue figures a month.


The online coaching business has been overgrown in the past few years. However, entrepreneurs offer virtual workout classes, leadership advice, and guidance on starting a new venture.

Amy Lee is a life coach. She booked nearly $60,000 in revenue in her first ten months in business.

According to Lee, there are no credentials required for life coaches. Business coaching is an option for those who want to share their expertise in a particular field.

Another starter, Hawks, started her online career as a virtual assistant. She realized her community sought advice on creating their own VA agencies.

Hawks books seven figures in sales a year.


Blogging is also a growing online business for those willing to share knowledge about a particular subject.

Lisa Andrea, the owner of The Financial Cookbook, started her blog as a side business in 2021. “The Financial Cookbook is a guide for everything they should have taught us in school.

Her venture includes brand partnership and affiliate marketing. She advises other bloggers and digital founders to take advantage of the company’s registered programs by applying to join them online.

According to Andrea, she regularly books $8,000 in monthly revenue.

Virtual Assisting 

Vivian Purcell is one of the best examples of a virtual assistant. She started her career as a freelance writer in 2016.

“I switched to the virtual assistant because I wanted to bring more corporate experience and educational training into freelancing to offer something of higher value.”

Purcell earned more than $132,000 in sales from her virtual assistant work.

The virtual assistant can work with small business clients or with significant firms looking to hire people on contract.

“it’s getting increasingly hard to hire full-time employees for anything, ” said Sundararajan. He is the author of “The Sharing Economy.”

“So more and more businesses that didn’t consider gig work are now considering gig or freelance workers as an option.”


Cody May is a digital founder who established his business entirely online. He owns Sheridan, a marketing firm for real estate agents.

He helps agents with tasks such as lead generation along with email marketing.

Moreover, in 2017, he left his corporate job and utilized his marketing experience to start StudioPTBO.

In 2021, he connected with his current business partner to relaunch the company within the real estate niche. He recruited his staff by offering a fully remote,travel-friendly workplace.


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