5 reasons why I won’t buy Galaxy Note 9

Written by Ammara Saleem ·  1 min read >

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is officially unveiled by Samsung. If you are the one thinking about buying Note 9. I’d like to point out a few things before you make that big purchase decision.

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1. Looks like Galaxy Note 8

The Galaxy Note 9 looks almost similar to Galaxy Note 8, the last year model. On a cursory look, there is no major noticeable difference if both of the smartphones are stacked against each other.

If I am spending a hefty amount on a new smartphone, at least it should look new and unique as well. This might not be a deal breaker for many people but for me it is.

2. Pricing

Galaxy Note 8 is right now available in the market for $750 whereas Galaxy Note 9 model is starting at $1,000. This is a major difference in pricing. Even if we compare the launch date price of Note 8 with Note 9, the Note 8 started at $930. With incremental changes, this price bump is not justified.

3. Heavier than Galaxy Note 8

Galaxy Note 9 is a little bit heavier than Note 8. To be exact, the Galaxy Note 9 weighs 201 grams, while the Galaxy Note 8 weighs 195 grams. Also, Note 9 comes with a yellow eye-popping colored S-pen which drives attention to itself, I wouldn’t enjoy that and I believe there are a lot of people who also will feel the same.

4. Specifications are almost the same

The Galaxy Note 9 is not an innovation, it is iteration and improvement of the previous year model. Hence a lot of specifications are incrementally improved but there is no extra-ordinary new feature. Let me give you a few examples.

  1. Galaxy Note 9 has more storage capacity than Galaxy Note 8. Galaxy Note 8 had 64 GB, 128 GB, or 256 GB. The Note 9 has 128 GB and 512 GB storage capacity.
  2. Galaxy Note 8 had a 6.3-inch display, Galaxy Note 9 had a 6.4-inch display.
  3. Galaxy Note 9 has a slightly advanced camera.

5. Same screen resolution

Screen resolution is another important thing in a smartphone. Galaxy Note 9 sports the same 2960 x 1440 in a slightly bigger display. Both the phones have Infinity Display with bezels on top and bottom of the phone. Samsung could have tried removing that black space but then a notch was inevitable.

Written by Ammara Saleem
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