5 things to always keep in mind before buying a laptop

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Buying a laptop is a very hard decision given the extreme competition in the market. People often make mistakes regarding the purchase of their laptops and it comes to haunt them later. A laptop is your personal companion for work and entertainment so one should carefully research and then buy the most suitable one in order to avoid headaches.

The points being discussed below are the ones we kept in mind while selecting the best 5 laptops under Rs. 50,000 last day. Let’s get started:

1. Avoid used or refurbished laptops

People may object to this saying that they don’t have enough money to buy a good laptop for a specific price but it is best to wait rather than spend your hard earned money on a product with no or limited warranty. There is no telling what fault can occur in the electronic device and you have will to spend more to fix the laptop than its worth.

Your laptop has to go through an immense workload every day and unless you have faith in the seller for a good product, it is best to avoid going this route. You should wait and save up money to buy a new product. Laptops nowadays are available in almost every price range, you should carefully research and discuss with retailers regarding it, you will surely find the ideal laptop.

2. Avoid laptops with only an SSD or low HDD storage (If you are on a budget)

Two in Ones or convertible laptops generally come with only an SSD inside whose typical storage ranges from 32GB to 128GB and higher in more premium models. You should always opt for a laptop with an SSD+HDD combo rather than an SSD alone. Compromising your storage space for a faster boot-up isn’t going to help you in the future when you will have to go in and clear up the SSD for space. Better safe than sorry.

3. Prefer laptops with Windows pre-installed

Unless you are buying a Mac, you will often encounter laptops which are preloaded with DOS or Linux Distros. This is generally done in order to lower the price of the laptop. In that case, you will have to manually buy and install a Windows license on your laptop later on which will increase the cost further.

We recommend that you always choose a laptop with Windows pre-installed in order to avoid this headache. Not only is the laptop activated for life but you will also receive updates for it as part of Microsoft’s commitment with Windows 10. Laptops with Windows pre-installed also have a recovery partition or an option in the BIOS to reset the laptop in case you encounter an issue.

4. Never compromise on the battery

A laptop is only as good as its battery life and given the power outages history in Pakistan, your laptop should be well prepared to survive through the worst otherwise you have spent your money for nothing. The best way to check the performance of a laptop’s battery is through online reviews. Popular publications such as and LaptopMag put the laptop through a series of tests to determine how long it can last on a single charge. So if you have decided a laptop you want to buy, always read its review to find out its pros and cons especially in this area.

5. Always counter check prices and products, especially with offline stores

Given the immense competition and the huge number of brands in this market, it is always best to counter check prices and different brands when you have decided upon the specifications of the laptop you want to buy. If an XYZ retailer has a Lenovo laptop for Rs. 50,000 maybe another retailer has it for Rs. 48,000 or a similar product for a lower price. Counter checking the price is important because it can help you save some cash which you could use to purchase a bag for the laptop or any other accessory.

As much as I would like to recommend online retailers here, I would suggest that you visit physical stores in your respective cities and check out the variety they have available. There is a huge possibility that they will have a product that isn’t available with any online retailer and for a lower price tag too. If you are in Rawalpindi, consider going to Saddar. Blue Area is the hub of laptop brands in Islamabad whereas Hafeez Center is a pretty good spot for purchasing laptops in Lahore.

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