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A Game-Changing Feature By WhatsApp: No More Zoom And Google Meet For Meetings

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

WhatsApp is bringing another exciting feature for its users. The new feature will allow users to share their computer or phone screens with others during a video call. The Feature will enhance the quality of video calls and would help collaborate, demonstrate and solve problems remotely.

Now Whatsapp users can enjoy virtual meetings directly on WhatsApp, making conversations highly convenient.

How does It work?

During a video call, users can click on a new icon present at the bottom of the screen and can share their screen with everyone on the call. The shared screen will have all the things including notifications, and it will also be recorded and shared with others on the call.

To avoid any kind of disturbance or interruption, users can enable the ‘Do not disturb mode or a similar focus mode’. Users will have full access and can stop sharing their screens whenever they want. To access all the features, users are requested to install the latest beta version

As far as security and privacy are concerned, the Meta-owned app has introduced a new feature through which the screen recording will be shared only when the user sharing the screen will enable access.

This year we have seen many changes and new features on WhatsApp. This shows that the messaging app service is constantly working hard to ide the best services to its customers. In the current year, WhatsApp has introduced seven new features up till now.

Users can now run their primary WhatsApp account on up to 4 different devices. WhatsApp allows a chat lock feature that enables one to lock the app altogether. Users can now edit the text within 15 minutes after sending the original message.

This year Meta has brought a handful of new features. WhatsApp search for messages by date feature is now available for all iPhone users. The feature will help the users to find and search messages by date. To avail of this feature make sure WhatsApp is updated to 23.1.75

WhatsApp has revamped the inbuilt camera interface by introducing a dedicated video mode. Now the video option has a button which the users can select to record videos. The dedicated video mode is currently available on version number for Android users.

However, users can now enjoy the status of their contacts from the chat screen itself. This is indicated by a green ring on a profile picture which the user can access by tapping to directly view the status. The feature is available with version for Android users.

After a long wait, Whatsapp has released the ability to access the same account on two more mobile phones via companion mode. Through this, users can now log out from their primary mobile when signing into another phone.

Hence, new features are added to WhatsApp to make it more convenient and feasible for its users. WhatsApp is improving its features to facilitate its users.

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