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Adobe Launches Generative AI Features for Photoshop

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Adobe Photoshop Firefly generative AI tool
One of the most anticipated AI feature being added to Adobe Photoshop is the “Generative Fill”, which allows users to extend add image features based on a text input

American Multinational computer software company ‘Adobe Inc’, which has nearly a 100 successful computer softwares, has announced that after about six weeks of standalone testing, it is now releasing generative AI features on one its most famous softwares, Adobe Photoshop.

While making the announcement, Adobe said that the addition of generative AI features in Adobe Photoshop would be the start of a major push in which the company plans to add multiple different AI features to all of its softwares thus helping creative individuals have a much faster and easier workflow.

Adobe would not be the first company to integrate or create an image generating AI since many other AI models such as the Dall-E or Midjourney have gained popularity amongst users, however they are still not being used by large organizations primarily due to copyright issues that are attached with them.

Adobe’s new AI tools created using a core technology system named as the Firefly aims to solve this problem since it is specifically trained through legal-to-use image data, making it possible for it to be used commercially.

Before officially releasing this new AI system, Adobe tested it for around 6 weeks on a standalone website, making sure that it is working properly.

The most anticipated and discussed AI feature now added into Adobe Photoshop is the “Generative Fill”, a feature that will allow users to add a new part into a badly cropped picture or even add photo elements based on a textual input.

Adobe Photoshop Firefly generative AI

What this means is that users can simply take the photo of a barren landscape and add a flower field or even mountains into it, all using simple text commands, sounds cool right?

Ely Greenfield, Adobe’s Chief Technology Officer for digital media says that these new AI tools will not replace graphic designers, instead it will make their work much faster by allowing them to create new images for multiple ideas in just a few minutes.

“This just dramatically accelerates that production work,” he said.


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