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Alibaba Announces Plans to Roll Out Generative AI Features Across Apps

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Unveiling its new AI model on Tuesday, Alibaba said that it would integrate this new AI into all of its applications

Chinese technology and ecommerce giant, Alibaba Group, unveiled its new generative AI model on Tuesday. Launched in response to rising competition in the AI market, the new AI model is named as Tongyi Qianwen which translates to “truth from a thousand questions”.

During the launch event, Alibaba group announced that it will soon be integrating this new AI model into all of its apps. Alibaba AI launch was followed by a Chinese government publication stating laws and guidelines defining how companies should manage their generative AI services.

Displaying the capabilities of this new language model, Alibaba played a video during the event. The video showed the AI doing a bunch of tasks such as drafting invitation letters, creating travel itineraries and even advising shoppers on the different types of makeup they could purchase.

According to details revealed by Alibaba, this language model will first be integrated into DingTalk, which is the company’s workplace communication app, similar to Slack and Tmall Genie, which is Alibaba’s voice assistant.

Once integrated, this AI will help DingTalk users to automate a number of functions such as summarising meeting notes, writing emails and drafting business proposals.

Speaking at the event, Alibaba CEO Daniel Zhang said that this technology “will bring about big changes to the way we produce, the way we work and the way we live our lives.”

“AI models like Tongyi Qianwen are “the big picture for making AI more popular in the future “, he added.


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