Amazon to develop its own messaging app

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Amazon 2

It turns out that e-commerce giant Amazon has once again decided to rival social media platforms by introducing its very own messaging app. The e-commerce giant is working on a messaging app, to give its users features which the social media platforms offer its users. The new app will let users send messages, voice and video calls and will also let one share photos. Moreover, the app will allow users to play games and can also use a filter to photos and videos.

The company has started a survey to get feedback from the consumers, about the features of the new messaging app, which the company is reportedly working on. The name of the app is “Anytime”. The app which the Amazon is working on will be secure and encrypted and would work on PCs and smartphones.

It would be worth mentioning here that this is not the first time the company has taken a step to rival social media giants. At the beginning of the year, the company has announced video conferencing app, to rival Skype. The company named the app “Chime”.

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Furthermore, Amazon is working to enhance its DMS (Data Migration Service). This will enable customers to port their private information into AWS’s managed service. Additionally, the company has added features such as voice calling to its Alexa-equipped devices, to attract more consumers.

Apart from Amazon making its own messaging app to attract more consumers, KFC a fast food outlet has also launched its own smartphone to celebrate its 30th anniversary in China.