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Android Q is going to bring emoji galore

Written by Muhammad Usman ·  1 min read >

For all your emoji needs…

Google has announced 65 new emoji that are going to be released bundled up in Android Q. This announcement was made today, on 17th July to celebrate the World Emoji Day. Apparently, that’s a thing.

The new emoji(s) features almost everything imaginable from a sitar to a kite. They also feature some new gestures and a very diverse cast of two people standing together of every combination possible!


Why emoji?

Ever since the humble beginnings of emoji, it has seen widespread use. Chatting is all well and good but it fails in conveying emotions, which are an integral part of any conversation. The solution? Emoji. Although it is a very informal solution and used as such.

Some people use it incessantly while others avoid them altogether.

The 17th of July is hailed as the World Emoji Day because it is the date highlighted in the calendar emoji,

Android Q – Key features

1. ‘Bubbles’ multitasking

The Android Q is going to support a new UI feature which you may have seen in Facebook’s messenger on Android. The idea is that once you leave a task, it stays in the form of a floating circle, hence the name bubble, until it is dismissed.

2. Dark theme

Like iOS 13, this version of Android is getting a dark theme of its own.

3. 5G

The new Android will give better support to 5G services. It will have tools that enable users to check user connection rates, latency and if the connection is metered.

4. Live Caption

The live caption is a cool feature that will let users not only record videos but also record the subtitles. We are guessing it will only work as intended for English but its a start.

Android Q – Release Date

The Android Q developer beta is already out. However, it is for a select group of phones. Currently, Android Q is running the fourth beta update. It is expected that a new update will be made in July.

The release date for Android Q is not yet officially announced. What we do know is that it may land sometime in August. This makes sense because the final release of Android updates usually come out in August.