Another Careem driver murdered in Islamabad

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Just last month, we reported about a tragic incident where a driver of Careem, a Pakistan-based ride-hailing service, was shot dead in Islamabad. And now another driver of Careem, named Sajawal Ameer, aged 22 years, has been murdered last night, in a “car snatching incident”, in Islamabad, as the company affirmed in a statement on Twitter.

This is consecutively a second terrible incident happened in Islamabad after only 20 days involving a driver of the same ride-sharing company. Careem has stated that Sajawal was gunned down by unidentified individuals on Monday night sharply 10:35 pm, when he was driving in the federal capital of Pakistan, Islamabad.

Murdered Careem captain Sajawal Ameer

Sajawal was shot multiple times by gunmen as they tried to take away his car in Naseerabad police area. The victim was taken to a hospital where he passed away. According to the Careem’s statement,

“We appeal to authorities to take strict notice of these incidents and enhance efforts to drastically improve the safety of citizens. We will vehemently take this case up through legal channels. Due compensation will also be provided to the family.”

A senior official police officer has affirmed that police has collected data from the company and are investigating the case. It must be noted that it remains unknown at this point that how many people were involved in the snatching-murder incident as no eyewitness has surfaced until now. And it is also unknown that whether people who booked the ride also killed Sajawal.

Here’s the company full statement on Twitter,

The incident has raised serious concerns about the law and order situation in the capital of Pakistan. Police need to come up with significant steps to ensure safety and security for these drivers and other citizens of the country.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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