Apple iPhone X Face ID Demo failed miserably at the Keynote event

Written by Uzair Khalid ·  49 sec read >

Apple revealed its 10th anniversary edition iPhone, the iPhone X at their annual keynote yesterday. The new iPhone comes with an all new bezel less display and improved cameras. Apple removed the Touch ID from the iPhone X in the favor of their all new technology, the Face ID.

Apple talked a lot about Face ID and its perfection on the stage. The company boasted about how it works, how the dot projector projects the dots on your face and recognizes it without making any mistake, and how it works “perfectly” even in the dark with the help of flood illuminator. The flood illuminator projects a beam of light on your face in the dark so that the dot project can recognize it easily.

BUT, after all the pomp and show at the event, when the time came for the live demo, Apple failed miserably. When Craig Federighi started the demo and picked up the iPhone X to unlock it using the Face ID, it did not work. He tried to unlock the phone for the second time and failed yet again. Craig Federighi ultimately had to change the phone to make it work.

See the demo yourself:

We know these kinds of mistakes are part of live presentations but after Apple created all the hype about Face ID and how “accurately” it works, this demo fail was embarrassing.

Written by Uzair Khalid
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