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WhatsApp Android Might Soon Get New Interface With White Top Bar

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Apart from a white top bar, design tweaks in the WhatsApp Android Beta suggest that the official app might soon get a better user interface

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a new interface, changing the color theme and some UI elements, for its Android application.

As per latest reports, the new update will change the top bar into a white color, while changing other UI elements into WhatsApp’s famous green color. These color changes can currently be seen in the WhatsApp Android beta version, but is not available to all testers yet.


Screenshots of the WhatsApp Android Beta shows the top bar almost matching up the rest of the app’s white color, with only a thin shadow separating the two. WhatsApp’s logo, which currently has a white color on the official app is switched to green.

Camera, search and the ellipsis, which has a white color in the original app can be seen having a black color, which does complement the look and makes them more visible.

One of the most noticeable parts about the revamp is the navigation bar, which unlike the original app is seen at the bottom of the screen, WhatsApp on iOS has had a similar navigation bar on the bottom for quite a long time, and honestly, it does make the top and the bottom look almost uniform and distributed, giving the app a more inviting and easier look.

WhatsApp has been working on redesigns quite a lot, even changing the design for its Mac version, making it look similar to other MacOS applications and even adding group video and voice calling capabilities.


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