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Are You an Effective Team?

Nuzhat Sheikh Written by Nuzhat Sheikh · 2 min read>

A team is not a mere group of members working together under the same roof, rather a bond. Hiring team-mates is like assembling the essential parts of your latest system. As soon as you start your venture, the first thing that you or anybody would encounter is to get right people on board and carry out work together. Because it is not only about having the most talented and skilled people with you, but also those who can work in a team, comfortably. There are no do’s and don’ts of coming up with an effective team, rather some questions that you need to ask yourself, in order to judge you and your team’s effectiveness.

Have the individuals transformed into a team?

A group is when people are gathered on a single platform and assigned designations, Right? Initially it may look like a herd of turtles but they must grow familiarity by means of communication.While they may not engage each other in talks owing to shyness, it’s obligatory for the leader to throw in ice-breaking arguments where everyone has to voice their opinions. And get comfortable being around each other for long intervals of time.

Are you promoting creativity?

This happens when unlike minds are provoked to put their thoughts and ideas on the “design table.” The design table is one magic table where intellectual views are exchanged. Each member brings their own recipe to make a certain dish. This is when you need to appreciate each other’s differences – more appropriately considered as uniqueness. Remember, something that doesn’t sound good can turn out to be brilliant when different perspectives of individual team members are applied to it. Also, must remind you here that, that is the reason why the team had been created in the first place; to have a full pack of distinct skills.

Do all share same enthusiasm?

Think for a moment why Lionel Messi cannot join Fast and Furious team? What would happen if a musician joins basketball team of professionals?
They would not be successful unless they have passion for it.
The grand thing that demarcates people working as a particular team is “Passion.”I cite it as one drive that races in Need-For-Achievement. Similarly, teammates should be interested in working towards a single goal.

Is anyone neglected?

Once upon a time I were a part of a great team. I contributed more than half to their success until they started hiding things from me. Decisions were made without even consulting me. I didn’t feel like a part of the team. (This isn’t me). That’s the story by that one person who feels ignored in your team. Such stories are not only bad for reputation, but they may instigate suspicions in others and that can lead to mismanagement. In most of the cases, 2-3 persons group up and that’s when the other person goes unnoticed. If the door is open for everyone, let each be welcomed with same honor.

Do you give a helping-hand?

This helping-hand should rest on the shoulders not only in the times of need, but in general. It has to be stretched in many forms. It’s needed when somebody fails to meet the requirements of a certain task. It is needed for guidance, for support, and building up the confidence of the members.Start-ups go through bad days, as they go along the success journey. It affects the leader more than it does the followers. That’s when team members must hold each other’s hands and come back up in high spirits.

Is there trust?

Building trust is less crucial than strengthening it. What separates trust from other elements is that it has to be mutual. You have to have faith in your team members and their abilities. And there should be a general aura of trustworthiness amidst your team.

So, put your egos aside, and walk yourself and your mates on the path of success. Let ‘ ME’ become ‘WE’.
As Michael Jordan once said ,“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”

Written by Nuzhat Sheikh
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