At CES 2023, Volkswagen Unveiled It’s Electric Vehicle ID.7 Sedan

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  • At CES 2023, Volkswagen revealed its ID.7 Sedan, the latest electric car
  • The high-end ID.7 Sedan will compete with Tesla’s trendy model 3 in the US, Europe, and China
  • VW advertises a new intelligent climate control system that turns on automatically and controls the air vents before the driver gets into the vehicle

Volkswagen is on a mission to compete with Tesla by producing its fastest high-tech ID.7 Sedan. On Tuesday, the company revealed its latest electric car at CES 2023.

In a recent press release, the company stated that “this is an interactive feature and symbolizes the next step in the digitization of the future flagship model of the Volkswagen EV family.

The company’s first electric vehicle ID.7 Sedan will compete with Tesla’s uber’s-popular model 3 when it goes on sale in the US, Europe, and China.

The ID.7 is based on the Aero3 concept Sedan that we first experienced earlier this year. Moreover, it is expected to achieve an all-electric range of 700km. “With the new ID.7, we are extending our electric model range into the upper segments. The Sedan will offer top-class technology and quality. The ID.7 Sedan is one of 10 new electric models that we are planning to launch by 2026”, stated Thomas Shafer, CEO of Volkswagen Passenger cars.


The vehicle comes after a barrage of Volkswagen EVs, including the ID.3 hatchback. Including the ID.4 SUV, and the ID buzz minivan that were introduced over the past few years.

According to the European testing standards which are typically more lenient than US EPA standards. However, VW lists a range of up to 435 miles or 700 kilometers.

Moreover, the company says, the ID.7 will offer some high-end fancier features such as a standard heads-up display and a massive 15-inch touchscreen.

In contrast, it’s three inches bigger across than the display in VWs ID.4 SUV. In addition, the ID.7 features a new advanced climate system that can start heating or cooling the cabin when the car senses its owner approaching with the key fob.

Moreover, the direction of the air vents in the ID.7 is digitally controlled through the touchscreen. The company says this will improve user experience, but in general experience, regular vents with manual tabs work just fine.

Hence, there is one more benefit to having the vents be electronically directed. As they can move automatically to distribute cool or warm air better like an oscillating fan

According to the company, the intelligent system performs when it detects the sun’s glare inside the cabin. It also works efficiently and adjusts the air direction and temperature accordingly.

The ID.7 is full of high-tech specifications, the company pushed the ID.7 wheels far out to either end, giving it extra interior space. The company has not revealed the cost yet as well not revealed its launching date. Once the ID.7 will be on sale then we will get to know more about its specifications and features.

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