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Saqib is a musician and a writer. His favorite possession is a pen and a guitar. If you want to give him some feedback, reach out to him at twitter.


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E-Banking 2015 Pakistan Conference – Projected size of Cards Market in 2017 is $822 billion

The 13th International E-Banking Conference and Exhibition was held at Pearl Continental Karachi on 23rd April 2015. Pakistan has...

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Apr 23 · >

Troll – Long Lasting Effects of Bullying Illustrated through the Spoken Word

Troll: Once upon a time, You and all your kind lived underneath bridges, Had ridges for ribs that dropped...

Mar 3 · >

5 TV Shows for Geeks and Mortals Alike

“Have you tried turning it off and on again?” We don’t know if the statement originated from the hit...

Feb 25 · >

EatOye offers Rs. 2 Crore in Discounts to Customers, Starting Today!

EatOye is a known name for anyone who likes to… well, eat! The quirky name also identifies with their...

Feb 23 · >

Take your personal brand to the next level with Twitter Analytics

Twitter is about information, right, as opposed to the self-absorbed selfie game that Instagram is beating them at? Not...

Feb 20 · >

Power Banks – What you need to know?!

While we hear exciting research every other day about two minute chargers and lightening fast power cables, the fact...

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Feb 4 · >

How is changing the way we hire

In the radically changing world of IT, putting together the right team in adequate time could make or break...

Jan 27 · >

How Community Building Can Help Startups

Building an audience is not just limited to artists and performers. The world is a stage, and we are...

Jan 20 · >

Incubators for Dummies

Being your own boss is an enticing idea for anyone stuck in a dead-end job. But entrepreneurship is about...

Jan 12 · >

Can Technology help fight against terrorism?

The recent Peshawar attacks have left the nation, and the world at large, in shock. It is mind numbing...

Jan 7 · >