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‘Bakar Mandi App’ a collaboration of LDMMC and PITB

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Punjab Information and Technology Board has launched an online cattle purchase app in collaboration with the Commissioner Lahore and Lahore cattle Marketing Company. The app is designated as the ‘Bakar Mandi App’ that would facilitate the selling and purchase of cattle animals.

The app was rolled out earlier this week as Eid-ul-Azha is just around the corner. Due to a rise in the coronavirus patients, the government of Pakistan is obliging people to not visit cattle markets as it can increase the rate of coronavirus even more.

The app comes with a user-friendly interface. Not just that, it is easy to use for both sellers and buyers.

The seller will sign up the app by adding details of the sacrificial animal and placing the ad on the app whereas all buyers have to do is to scroll down the app to find the riding animal in the budget once easy signup is done. Users can add filters in the search bar too.

Not just selling the animal, the government of Punjab is also imposing a ban on animal home slaughter as they believe that most butchers do not take care of their health especially in context with the CVID-19 due to lack of awareness may become the source of infecting people around them.

The app on the other is easily accessible to Android users. All users are required is to sign up for the account and find the right sacrificial animal near them. The app development was decided in the month fo June at a meeting by PITB and Lahore Division Cattle Market Management Company.

One of the officials attended the meeting said: “As COVID-19 is spreading fast, we are considering a proposal to either not setup animal markets or at least work out a strategy to at least reduce the gathering of people for sale/purchase purposes. It will only be possible when we encourage the online sale.”

He further said: “It is being planned to develop apps and websites through which traders can market their animals through photos and videos and make them available at various small designated spot/farms out or inside the city.”

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