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Careem introduces real-time ride tracking system in Pakistan

Written by Rehan Ahmed ·  57 sec read >

Taxi-hailing startup Careem has now introduced a new feature to let people track their friends’ or loved ones’ rides in real-time.

“At Careem we value our Customer’s safety and security more than anything,” says a mail from Careem’s Pakistan team. “To truly live up to our promise – we are proud to announce our Track My Ride feature!”

The Track My Ride feature will basically send you (the person in the Careem car) an SMS containing a link. The link can be used to track the location of your ride in real-time. You can also forward the SMS or send the link to anyone you want to and they can keep a track of your ride if needed.

Careem recently came under fire when a harassment scandal went viral over social media. A girl from Lahore was allegedly harassed by a Careem driver. The startup responded swiftly with a statement that they were looking into it and had already contacted the girl in question. Now, they have gone one step ahead in making people feel even safer while using their services.

It’s not clear if the feature is released as a direct response to the recent scandal but nevertheless, it will certainly go a long way in eliminating the privacy concerns that have popped up in people’s minds recently.

After coming to Pakistan just over a year ago, Careem has managed to capture a larger share of the cab and taxi market of Pakistan. Making an early entrance has also managed to give Careem an edge over the global transportation giant Uber, which also entered Pakistan this year.

Written by Rehan Ahmed
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