Careem Launches Mass-Commute Service To Help Bussiness In Pakistan

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Karachi: Ride-hailer Careem has introduced a Mass-Commute service. On Wednesday, Careem announced its new Mass-Commute service for corporate clients, offering them to save up to 40% on travel costs. As we know, inflation is rising daily, making it difficult for many to meet ends. Therefore, businesses and companies are highly turning to Mass-Commute services as a viable solution for their transportation needs.

Careem cares for its customers, recognizes this demand, and launches a tailored, cost-effective transportation service offering people customized solutions.
In an interview with the news channel, Muhammad Imran, General Manager of Careem Pakistan, explained, “Given the increasing inflationary pressures in Pakistan, companies and businesses are constantly seeking ways to save costs. Careem has introduced a mass-commute service that provides companies with a tailor-made and cost-effective transportation solution.”


The company focuses on optimizing vehicle occupancy through carpooling. According to the new service, three to four people can ride together, automatically reducing fuel consumption and minimizing the overall cost per employee. Additionally, Craeem ensures route optimization by offering the most price and time-effective routes.

Careem introduced Careem for Bussiness (C4B), a new service that would benefit corporate travel more accessible for passengers and affordable for companies and businesses. According to Craeem, this new service differs from the one introduced in 2022, allowing up to 22 people to share a complete vehicle for their daily commute.

The new services consist of all sizes and types of vehicles, including coasters, hiatus, and jets. They are an excellent opportunity for companies that offer transportation services for their employees’ daily commute. Not only this, but it is an excellent service for companies that arrange corporate events both inside and outside the city.

Imran Saleem, General Manager at Careem, states, “We understand the challenges companies face in providing safe, efficient, and cost-effective transportation for their colleagues.” “Solutions like mass commute, carpool, inter-city, and premium rides enable us to offer our clients the best experience and value for money.”

By keeping corporate travel in mind, C4B offers a variety of augmented features and corporate travel packages that favor corporate business. The widely use service chosen by corporate clients includes transportation to and from non-service/remote areas, 24/7 vehicle rentals, and premium five and premium ten rentals which means half days and full days.

In addition, it also offers discounts and promotions to corporate people for personal use, intercity roses with complimentary refreshments, field visits, and customized solutions according to corporate needs.

C4B is offering multiple services to over 550 companies across Pakistan. The most considerable leverage it provides is customized solutions according to company needs. Companies that are currently using the service are Daraz, FlyJinnah, Hamdard Labs, Tri-Pack, TATA Pakistan, Gerrys Dnata, Mindstrom, and PHI.

Likewise, the carpooling service is used by companies including Nestle, House of Habib, AirSial, Packages, BASF, SadaPay, Sapphire, Enfrashare, YAP etc.:Other normal users are also using the services such as Jazz, PTCL, Fly Jinnah, Engro, Khaadi, Ufone, Philip Morris, LCI, Maersk, IBA, AKU, Descon and K-Electric.

Careem is a famous ride-hailing company that has improved the lives of regular users. Since 2012, Careem has earned over 2.5 million Captains, benefited the lives of over 50 million customers, and created a platform for the region’s best talent to thrive.

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