‘Sarah Qureshi’: A Young Pakistani Aerospace Engineer Develops Eco-Friendly Aircraft Engine

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Pakistan is proud to announce the remarkable achievements of its youth. Pakistan is set to unveil the world’s first generation contrail-free aircraft engine during mid-to-late 2020. Sarah Qureshi, a young Pakistani Aerospace engineer, has achieved a remarkable feat by developing the Eco-Friendly Aircraft engine. Sarah Qureshi is the CEO of Aero Engine Craft, which she co-founded with her father.

Aero Engine Craft is the pioneer private aviation company that focuses on developing eco-friendly aircraft engines and technologies. Sarah’s father, Masood Latif Qureshi, is a famous scientist in Pakistan and is popular for various achievements. He has a beautiful background and has served the aviation industry for several years.

Sarah’s passion for engines and machinery grew as she assisted her father at work. She started her internship in the automotive sector, and during that, she got motivated and inspired to work on engines that use environment-friendly technology.

Sarah Qureshi

She has been working on a project since 2018 to create something that contributes to global warming. She described the contrail phenomenon, a visible white streak of smoke emits a jet engine releases during flight. Furthermore, she also spoke about the harmful effects on the atmosphere.

Sarah has a strong background in mechanical engineering from the renowned National University of Science and Technology in Pakistan. After completing her engineering degree, she strived to obtain her private pilot license and pursued a master’s degree in aerospace dynamics.

Sarah continued her studies and completed her Ph.D. in aerospace propulsion from a public university in Cranfield, England. She is passionate and enthusiastic about learning new technologies as she gained experience in acrobat flying.

An environmentalist at heart, she turned her research at Cranfield University UK. Her objective is to save the planet, and she embarked on a mission to create the world’s first pollution-free jet engine.

Sarah’s primary motive is to provide an eco-friendly environment, and her primary focus is creating a contrail-free aircraft engine. Sarah’s main objective is to reduce the carbon emissions and negative environmental impact caused by the emissions of greenhouse gases during flight.

Sarah is striving to create a clean and green environment and making significant strides towards a sustainable aviation industry. Sarah Qureshi states, “engine will eliminate the negative impact of commercial air carriers on the stratosphere.”

For many years environmentalists have been working to reduce carbon emissions in any way. The climate change debate has intensified as environmentalists worldwide are bringing attention to and trying to build awareness of how harmful these emissions are. Global temperatures are rising, glaciers are retreating, oceans are warming, Greenland and Antarctica’s ice sheets are retreating, Arctic sea life is declining, and oceans are acidifying as carbon dioxide levels skyrocket. These factors need to be considered to obtain a clean and green environment.

Taking a look at Elon Musk’s trip to Mars program, the scientist shared their views that “unless you have a confirmed ticket” to the red planet, “which does not have a livable atmosphere,” Earth is the best bet and must be saved.

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