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YouTube has been unblocked in Pakistan – by mistake

YouTube has been unblocked in Pakistan as confirmed from several users who have been able to access the website...

Feb 26 ·>
Youtube Unblocked In Pakistan

Facebook profile pictures are visible to anyone, no matter what you do!

For all the stalkers out there, there’s good news. But given your stalking tendencies, I’m sure you are already...

Feb 26 ·>

Muslim Face: A new social media website with socially and religiously responsible content

In the aftermath of the frequent tussle between Western and Islamic perceptions of freedom of expression, the unfortunate Charlie...

Feb 25 ·>
Muslim Face

At THIS. platform, each user can share just one link a day

They say an excess of everything is bad. And that is no less true when it comes to social...

Feb 24 ·>

Take your personal brand to the next level with Twitter Analytics

Twitter is about information, right, as opposed to the self-absorbed selfie game that Instagram is beating them at? Not...

Feb 20 ·>

11 Ways Facebook Has Changed Your Lives!

Happy Birthday, Facebook! As of today, we have spent 11 years of our lives on Facebook, scrolling down the...

Feb 5 ·>
How Facebook changed out lives

10 Funny Reactions to Facebook Being Down

Facebook was down for 40 minutes all over the world. Naturally, order was thrown into chaos and everyone saw...

Jan 27 ·>

Epic responses to blackout in Pakistan on Social Media

Congratulations! Pakistan has procured the honor of becoming the first country to devoid its people the basic necessities of...

Jan 26 ·>
Pakistan Electric Grid Break Down

That’s How Pakistanis Roll in Times of Crisis!

Pakistan and crisis are now synonymous to the extent that ‘Breaking News’ is not exactly a ‘Breaking News’ anymore....

Jan 21 ·>
Petroleum Crisis In Pakistan

[Infographic] Pakistan Annual Social Media Report is Out

Pakistan Advertiser’s Society has released the annual Social Marketing Report of Pakistan in the form of an infographic made...

Jan 20 ·>
Social Media Marketing Report

Hamza Abbasi’s Post on ‘Freedom of Expression’ Removed by Facebook

Prominent Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi’s post on Facebook where he expressed his views on Charlie Hebdo incident has...

Jan 11 ·>

Mark Zuckerberg Speaks Against Extremism In Pakistan And France

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO Facebook, posted a status update in which he condemned extremism and supported victims of France incident...

Jan 9 ·>
Mark Zuckerberg Facebook CEO

10 Best New Year Wishes From The Tech World To Their Fans

2015 is here – the year in which the movie ‘Back To The Future’ was set in. It is...

Jan 1 ·>