China Develops Power Station That Can Charge EVs In Just 12 Minutes

Written by Senoria Khursheed ·  1 min read >

Chinese EV manufacturer NIO has originated a charging system that can charge 500kW in just 12 minutes. The new system can recharge an EV by nearly 10-80% in 12 minutes.

The new innovative NIO EV system enables non-NIO EV users can also use the new charging infrastructure. Moreover, non-NIO EV users must check that their batteries must be compatible with 500kW chargers.
According to the Chinese EV maker, the charging station can charge 800V- platform EVs much faster than 400V-platform.

In contrast, 400V EVs need 20 minutes to charge 80. At the same time, 800V variants need in total of 12 minutes.
Moreover, the ultra-fast charger sports a 15.6-inch display and NIO-patented liquid cooling technology. This makes the charging cable lighter and easier to hold in one hand.

In addition, this is the first EV automaker to announce the highest EV charging capacity charging infrastructure. It is the fastest charging system that has a 500kW charging capacity. However, this follows the 480kW charging system from Xpeng earlier this year.

On the other hand, with a 670A output, Xpeng Superchargers can charge Xpeng EVs from 0 to 80% in just 15 minutes.
The charger was created in response to the rising demand for quick and practical electric vehicle charging options.

EV charging station

However, earlier this year, a local competitor Xpeng unveiled its charger with a maximum power of 480kW.
William Li, the company’s founder, and chairman, declared that all brands of electric vehicles are welcome to use the company’s charging platform. Furthermore, 80.5% of the power provided is used by more than 110 other brands of cars.

This shows NIO’s commitment to providing reliable and convenient charging options for electric vehicle users, regardless of the brand of the vehicle.

In addition, Li also stated that NIO’s charging network is the largest network of its kind in the whole world. He is underscoring the company’s leadership in the electric vehicle charging industry.

According to NIO, its vehicles use 19.5% of the electricity generated by its charging network, compared to 20.4% for BYD vehicles. 12% for Tesla vehicles,3.4% for Xpeng vehicles, and 2.9% for Li vehicles. These statistics show the variety of electric vehicle brands that utilize NIO’s charging network. Not only this but the wide range of charging requirements for various electric vehicle models.

NIO owns and operates 1,284 battery swap stations and 2,239 charging stations in China. In total, it provides 13,083 charging pikes for electric vehicle drivers. Hence, these charging piles include rapid charging piles, specifically for replenishing electric vehicles’ power. In contrast, the destination piles charge slower but are convenient for users who are on longer trips and need to charge their cars overnight.

Additionally, NIO is increasing the daily capacity of its battery swap stations to 408 battery replacements. According to the Chinese company, the 500kW battery charger and the upgraded swap stations will be operational starting March 2023. With such innovations, NIO plans to one-up EV brands such as Lucid and Tesla.

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