Elon Musk Has Reportedly Donated $10 Million to a Fertility Research Project

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Elon Musk
Vocal about his views regarding population collapse billionaire Elon Musk has led by example and is a father to 10 children with three different women

X-Corp owner and billionaire Elon Musk has reportedly donated $10 million in donation to a fertility and population research project being carried out in Texas.

Channeled through Musk’s charitable arm, Musk Foundation, the hefty donation is awarded to Population Wellbeing Initiative (PWI). Musk has actively supported the PWI in previous instances, even funding a two-day PWI conference held in October last year.

Association with the PWI, a population research, perfectly aligns with Musk’s concerns of a population collapse, one that could end humanity, the billionaire believes.

Standing strong by his statements on population collapse, Musk promotes procreation and often actively tells people to have multiple kids. Well, he is leading by example of course and has 10 children from three different women, one of which stands to be the very famous Canadian musician Grimes.

Noticing a constant decline of fertility rates in people who are intellectually gifted, Musk is concerned that the situation, if not brought under control, will lead to the demise of what he often calls the “advanced society”.

Musk has publicly agreed that his wealth comes as a result of his high IQ, which is why he has also urged all rich men in his contact to have as many kids as possible.

“Doing my best to help the underpopulation crisis. A collapsing birth rate is the biggest danger civilization faces by far,” said Musk in an old tweet.

A Cruel Depopulation of Humanity

PWI, a joint collaboration between UT Austin’s Population Research Center and its economics department comprises “a network of researchers”, who have joined resources and energies to conduct foundational work in areas such as economics, demography and social welfare evaluation, the collaboration however, is specifically laser focused towards issued such as fertility, parenting and the future of population and economic growth.

Academic papers produced by the PWI include projections on declining fertility rates, which according to PWI director, Dean Spears is a sign which tells us that “humanity is four-fifths over” and it’s possible that without a well-carried reversal, it might just “depopulate with cruelty.”


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