Firefox will soon warn you about hacked websites

By Muneeb Ahmad on
November 28, 2017
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Mozilla will soon introduce a new feature in Firefox that will warn its users before they open a hacked website.

Once made functional, the feature will check the websites being accessed against the data as held with ‘Have I been pwned?’. It will automatically warn the users if the website has been flagged as hacked on that database. The update is in its initial stages but is available on GitHub as a repository. The professional users who use the Developers’ Edition of Firefox can compile and add this code to their browsers on an individual basis, before the update is released to the general public.

Troy Hunt, the Chief Executive Officer at ‘Have I been pwned?’ recently confirmed this improvement.

Although this isn’t as big an improvement but it certainly is an important one. ‘Have I been pwned?’ is a widely popular website which keeps a record of hacked website and the breached data. On this website, the users can use just their email address and know if their credentials or any other information have been hacked or leaked.

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Mozilla is a not-for-profit organization with an aim to provide transparent access to internet for community’s benefit. Although not a market-leader, Firefox is one of the most widely used web browsers around the world and it is pushing hard to close in on the other competitors. Firefox is pretty focused on the security aspects on the browser and is even taking cues from Tor browser.

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