‘Flying Bum’ World’s largest Aircraft Is Ready To Launch In 2026 With Hybrid Technology

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Flying Bum, the world’s largest aircraft is ready to launch in 2026. The Airlander 10 hybrid airship, named Flying Bum possesses the same length as the football pitch and the highest of six double-decker buses. In 2026, British holidaymakers are planning to bring a unique travel experience for users. The aircraft will provide a unique experience to Spain’s most popular islands abroad the Airlaner 10, a 300 ft longer hybrid airship.

Shape and Design

Created by British manufacturer Hybrid Air Vehicle (HAV), these aircraft combine aerostatic and aerodynamic lift with additional propulsion provided by diesel-engine propellers. They are expected to break the previous records of size, measuring as long as a football pitch and as tall as six double-decker buses. A futuristic hybrid airship will facilitate passengers to Spain’s most popular island. Due to its distinctive shape, it has earned the name of ‘Flying Bum’ 

Additionally, it has a height of six double-decker buses. The helium aircraft works on both the technologies of aerostatic and aerodynamic lift to take to the air. A set of diesel engine propellers provides more power and a strong engine capacity.


The Flying Bum can cater to 100 passengers to destinations including Majorca, Ibiza, and Menorca. The aircraft is specifically designed to reduce carbon emissions compared to traditional aircraft. The aircraft made by British manufacturers promises to provide a luxurious traveling experience to passengers. In addition, it offers an exciting and eco-friendly for people heading to Spain’s iconic islands. Airlander 10 features a spacious passenger compartment suspended beneath an aerodynamic, helium-filled balloon.

Costing $50 million, the airship can land on ‘virtually any surface’. In addition to that, Airlander 10 doesn’t need conventional infrastructure like ports or airports as it can take off from either a field or water. Due to facts, these things make Aircradt ideal for short-haul flights from the UK to Spain’s popular islands.

The hybrid airships that were first created for the U.S. military always have 10 examples in the Air Nostrum Airline group’s fleet. However, they have been reassembled redesigned, and developed for civilian use in the UK over the past ten years. In addition, now the airline has doubled its order of Airlander 10 creating a fleet of 20s to expand its push into the Med, focusing on the Balearic islands.

Currently, the aircraft created by British manufacturer Hybrid Air Vehicle, the elliptical shaped aircraft is expected to launch in 2026. Tourists mainly from Spain are anxiously waiting to experience a a new level of luxury. According to reports, most recent aircraft can remain in their for more than two weeks while manned for five days straight when unmanned

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