Furniture Hub – A new style to buy Furniture!

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November 14, 2013
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If there is something that takes the edge it is always one thing. Identifying a segment it is, which Furniture Hub did perfectly. It is Pakistan’s online furniture collection. A venture that excelled at the Microsoft Incubation Center (Arfa IT Park) had a very basic idea of an online shop. The only difference it had from many others in the market was the word “Furniture”.

With categories, prices and brands to choose from, one is at ease while buying furniture. The best thing is the bypass of all the hassle of choosing, negotiating and bringing it home. While not only that, a discount that guarantees you to buy what you want and at a price lower than the one you have to pay without Furniture Hub.

Simple yet Unique

The idea is simple yet the first of its kind in the region. Exactly, being the first in Pakistan to do so make Zaid and Zeeshan so unique and successful. The venture has now partnered with renowned brands and has an elegant interface to attract sizeable customers. The website ( provides a choice more than one has in mind and hence a better experience for the users. Our own knowledge of furniture collections got a lot more once the site was paid a visit.

If one wants to have a look at an idea that provides people with choice, discount, variety and ease of buying at one end without managing inventory at seller’s end just take a look at Furniture Hub. This is one fine example of it.

Road to success is always under construction

If these entrepreneurs had anything to go huge, it was their idea. Yet no one welcomes decisions like leaving the job at NetSol or deferring an MS program. Parents’ reservations might have put added pressure but these two worked their way out.

Microsoft paves the way


Microsoft Incubation Center has been playing a pivotal role in growth of many of these startups. The event hosted by Microsoft’s office yesterday (attented by The AppJuice team) had many things to show which played a part in growth of startups like Furniture Hub. Salim Ghauri, the CEO of NetSol & former boss of Zaid, was also there to appreciate the success of the venture (Furniture Hub)., another startup incubated at Microsoft Incubation Center was also there. All startups incubated there had so much to tell. Most of it related to the resources provided to them in 6 months incubation cycle. With access to technical assistance, developers for web presence, office space and telecommuting for females who have issues in travelling, this comes as a perfect platform for new startups in Pakistan. The ideas conceived by Ahmed Tahir Masood (Developer and Platform Group Manager, Microsoft Incubation Center) are certainly helping Pakistan’s budding entrepreneurs grow as per their potential.

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