Get a treatment of COVID-19 at home with free virtual hospital

Avatar Written by Naima Rabbie · 50 sec read>

MadeinPak digital hospital can be accessed free of cost by anyone. The patients, who are unable to find the beds in the hospital, can access the app and find one by themselves. With top-notch doctors on the panel, the ailments caused by coronavirus can be treated at home.

Besides that, the portal  also offers a vast range of medical guidance such as the availability of oxygen cylinders, medications, and critical monitoring instruments required by COVID 19 patients.

Previously MadeinPak has manufactured and distributed personal protective equipments to thousands of healthcare workers. the aim behind developing the portal was to facilitate the citizen during this stressful time. Due to an exponential rise in the number of people affected by the coronavirus, the space in the hospital for the patients is almost filled. So as the saying goes ‘desperate times need desperate measures’, the online medical portals will help the nation in combatting the disease while maintaining the norms of social distancing.

Due to the partial relief in nationwide lockdown, on one hand the affluent stricken population and struggling business finally got a secure way of income but on the other hand the rate of people infected form COVID 19 started skyrocketing with reports of hundreds of deaths on daily basis. Even though this portal is a good platform to get a first -hand doctor’s consultation,  it is always advised to get admitted to the hospital and seek professional help.