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Google just eased companies to set up new smartphones for their employees

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Google has introduced a new “zero-touch enrollment service” to ease the process of configuring the Android smartphones, as the organizations sets them up for the employees.

The newly introduced option allows the company to easily set the employees’ smartphones. It will provide the options to automatically install the company desired applications, settings and business management systems etc. on the smartphones.

“Today we’re launching a new deployment method called zero-touch enrollment to make Android rollouts more seamless and secure. With zero-touch enrollment, companies can configure the devices they purchase and have them shipped with management and settings pre-configured, so employees can get up and running out of the box,” the company said in a blogpost.

Although setting up a newly bought smartphone for one’s personal use isn’t much of a task, but setting them up with the desired setting for the company employees can be very tedious. There may exist different smartphone requirements for each of the company’s teams too and there may be numerous employees in each team, which may turn this smartphone configuration into a nightmare for the company’s IT department.

Now, Google has rolled out this specific tool to ease the businesses. Modeled mostly like the Apple’s device enrollment program, the zero-touch enrollment service will allow the companies to go for any software from companies like BlackBerry, VMware AirWatch, MobileIron, IBM and Gsuite, which will automatically be installed onto the company-ordered smartphones.

Organizations will also have the ability to apply settings and device policies, that best suit the company’s interests. Google has already made the service available to its Google Pixel sets while it will soon be rolled out on smartphones from other manufacturers too.

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