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Google Photos Gets Generative AI: Allowing Users to Move Subjects Within an Image

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Google Photos_AI
Named the Magic Editor, the tool will allow users to edit specific parts of photos such as its background and will be released with the Pixel phones later this year

Striving to be an innovator in the artificial intelligence industry, Google has been working on a ton of new AI tools and is integrating them with its products. One such recent announcement was the ‘Magic Editor’ for Google Photos.

Announcing the Google Photos ‘Magic Editor’ at its I/O conference, Google revealed that this generative AI tool will provide users with an exceptional photo editing experience, even allowing them to select a subject in the photo and move it around.

Allowing users to select and move specific subjects around the photo gives them the ability to increase the overall quality of any image, while also making sure that they are in focus.

Once you select and reposition a subject in an image, the magic editor tool will generate content and automatically fill the parts of the image that are left once the position of the subject is changed.

Apart from moving around your subject, the magic editor tool also allows you to edit your background and foreground.

Google Magic Editor

Presenters at the Google I/O conference demonstrated the magic editor with an image of a person trying to position himself in a way that makes it look like he is holding a waterfall, however the image was a failure and the subject was not correctly positioned.

However, the presenters fixed the subject positional error and made the image look exactly like it was intended to be and that too in a matter of seconds.

According to Google, the magic editor will be released later this year alongside the new Pixel Phone and is predicted to be free for Pixel users.


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