Health-tech startup Pliro launches health awareness series for students

By Asra Rizwan on
May 18, 2018
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Pliro, a health-tech startup has collaborated with NUST BioReach Society to launch their newest series of health awareness sessions. The first session titled, Within Our Walls was held on 14th May, that explored how to strike a balance between mental and physical health.

The two guest speakers who led the session included Dr. Nosheen Abbas, owner of Nutradvice and a certified health nutritionist and Hina Javed, owner of Hina’s HealthyMind Clinic and a certified clinical psychologist.

In Pakistan, the conversation about mental health is still considered taboo and not brought up as much as it should be. Such lack of discourse has created some deep-rooted problems for young adults, who suffer alone without being aware or reaching out to support mechanism.

Therefore, Pliro’s health awareness series Jaan Hai Tou Jahan Hai aims at spreading awareness amongst students about the significance of balancing mental and physical health with regards to stressful academic routines. The health-tech startup will be taking the series across different universities in Islamabad and Rawalpindi to conduct similar awareness sessions on mental & physical health.

Earlier this year, Pliro also collaborated with Careem and launched a HealthWeek campaign to raise awareness about the importance of regular health checkups. During the campaign, Pliro provided free consultations to residents of Islamabad and Rawalpindi who booked an appointment through their platform and used Careem to visit the doctor.

Pliro is on a mission is to provide easier healthcare access for everyone. With an intuitive process, the platform helps doctors to manage their practice better and patients to book their appointments efficiently. Over 500 doctors have signed up for Pliro’s integration solution.

Pliro is available for Android and iOS, and can also be accessed via the web. With this guide, you can book an online medical consultation appointment online using Pliro’s platform.


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