Here are 5 Tips to Protect Your iPhone Battery Life

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
iPhone battery life

Owning an iPhone comes with its own set of perks such as a great camera, fast processor and an unmatched user experience. However, people using older versions of the iPhone often have to suffer at the hands of a lower battery time.

While the tech giant has significantly improved their battery timings in newer iPhones, you would often find people with older iPhones going around asking for chargers at parties. If you are also someone that owns an older model iPhone and wants its battery to last longer, then keep reading because we have the best tips for you to protect your iPhone battery life.

1. Maintain Battery Health Percentage:

From the moment you first buy an iPhone, a primary goal should be to always protect your battery health percentage. A normal battery percentage decline is around 1% per month, but with extra care you can protect your iPhone battery even further.

Some tips to protect the battery health percentage includes not charging batteries to their full potential, powering the device down when not in use for long hours and placing the device in a cool, moisture free environment.

2. Avoid Phone Cases While Charging:

While phone cases are perfect for protecting your phone against dirt, debris and occasional falls, they may not work in your favor when charging your phone. Studies have proven that using a phone case while charging a phone can actually deteriorate battery health and timing.

This is because a phone case creates a heat trap between your phone and the case, this heat slows down the charging process thus damaging the phone in both shorter and longer term.

3. Avoid Clearing Apps:

While this may sound weird but frequently clearing the applications on your iPhone can have a devastating effect on your phone battery. This is because closing and relaunching an application takes up more processing power than to let the applications that you frequently use sit.

4. Use Battery Saver:

A great way to save your iPhone battery is to limit battery consuming phone functions and you can do that easily by using the iPhone battery saver. While using your phone with the battery saver might not be feasible at all times, we suggest you do it at times you are expecting no messages or notifications.

5. Update iOS:

Apple recommends users on older devices to always update to the latest iOS so that they can get the best experience. The same goes for your iPhone battery, upgrading to the latest iOS version will actually increase the chances of a healthier battery.


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