How to keep your Facebook privacy intact

By Immad Khan on
October 13, 2014
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One of my colleagues recently commented about privacy in an interesting conversation. He said, and I quote, “Privacy? Are you kidding me? Type your name on Google and see how private you are. These social media websites, especially Facebook with its entangling security options has made it almost impossible to have privacy. What is left of our private lives, we trespass them ourselves by posting minute-by-minute updates of everything we do.”

This made me sit and search for tips on securing our online presence, not that I didn’t have the right security settings, but I realized that Facebook keeps on changing their algorithm every now and then. While going through the gazillion sources available, I stumbled upon this succinct infographic from people at WhoIsHostingThis?, which not only briefs the dangers but also gives tips on how to keep your online presence a bit private, and your Facebook privacy intact.

Facebook Privacy

Staying safe on Facebook is not an easy job. Your entire bio-data can be traced back to you. You need to make sure you take the right steps to protect yourself as much as possible and try your best to keep checking the updates related to Facebook privacy that are constantly rolled out by the people at Facebook. Better safe than sorry.

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