Huawei beats Apple to become the second biggest smartphone manufacturer in the World

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Another smartphone sales analysis has come out which hails Huawei as the second biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world. The Q2 smartphone sales report is released by Gartner.

According to Gartner, Huawei almost shipped 50M devices in the second quarter of 2018, achieving almost 13.3% of the smartphone market share. Samsung stayed at the top by shipping almost 72M units in the same quarter. It owns 19.3% of the smartphone market.

Apple, on the other hand, shipped 44M smartphone units and ranked 3rd on the list.


According to analysts, Huawei is becoming a popular choice for consumers owing to the addition of new and unique features in their smartphones. As the brand continues to move up in the sales ladder, it also pressures Apple to step up their game and introduce new unique features in their handset as well.

Though Apple’s market share is down if compared with the second quarter of 2017, it is expected that Apple will soon be back in the game as it is expected to launch not one, not two but three iPhones this year. This could be one reason why people are not buying smartphones and are waiting for the big launch this year.

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