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Huawei to Launch a ChatGPT Rival Named ‘Pangu’

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
A ChatGPT Rival, ‘Pangu Chat’ is based on Huawei’s very own large-scale learning model that reportedly comes with a 100 billion parameters

More and more technology companies are joining in the AI race, with the latest one being the Chinese Multinational ‘Huawei’, who is reportedly releasing its very own artificial intelligence chatbot named the ‘Pangu Chat’.

According to information, the ‘Pangu Chat’ is built using Huawei’s very own large scale learning model, which is built using 100 billion parameters, making Pangu Chat the first Chinese pre-trained large model having over 100 billion parameters.

A moderately powerful AI chatbot, the Pangu Chat performs almost similar to the scale of GPT-3. The GPT-4 model however is reported to contain over 170 trillion parameters, which obviously surpasses Huawei’s large language model by a ton.

LLM parameters
A chart indicating the growth in LLM parameters over the last few years

Named after the large scale Pangu cloud model, the Pangu Chat will be launched on July 7th at the Huawei Developer Conference (Cloud) event.

If you are a regular consumer excited to use the Huawei Pangu Chat, we have some bad news for you; the Pangu Chat will initially be available for business and the company has plans to later sell the Chatbot to government and enterprise customers.

In order to train the Pangu cloud model, Huawei has spent a total of 960 million yuan over the last three years. A big portion of this money was spent on 2000 Huawei Ascend 910 chipsets, 4000 GPU/TPU cards.

The Pangu-E large model, a successor to the Pangu cloud model, is tested to have an output of nearly 1.085 trillion parameters, a number that competes the GPT-4 and easily beats the GPT-3.5.



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