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Increasing Pixel Phone Sales Helped Google Make More Money this Quarter

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  56 sec read >
Google Pixel
In its quarterly report for 2023, Google mentioned that the sales for its ‘Google Other’ division recorded a 8.8% increase

Google’s parent company Alphabet has just released their first quarterly report for 2023, which shows a good increase in its overall revenue, but an even better increase in its sales for the “Google Other” division, which includes the sales for the Google Pixel 7, 7 Pro, 6A, and the Google Watch.

According to the report, the collective sales for the ‘Google Other’ division went up by 8.8%, which indicates that Google Pixel phones and Google watches are starting to get popular amongst consumers.

Google CEO ‘Sundar Pichai’ expressed satisfaction over the quarterly report, saying that the company has performed well in the first quarter, highlighting strong growth in both the Google Search and Cloud business.

“We are pleased with our business performance in the first quarter, with Search performing well and momentum in Cloud,” said Pichai in the press release.

“We introduced important product updates anchored in deep computer science and AI. Our North Star is providing the most helpful answers for our users, we see huge opportunities ahead, continuing our long track record of innovation,” the CEO added.

YouTube earnings also exceeded expectations and amounted to $6.69 billion despite the platform receiving strong competition from TikTok.

Despite having a great start, Google layed off around 6% of its total workforce in January, which amounted to around 12,000 employees.

Releasing an amazing quarterly report had a positive influence on its share prices, soon after the announcement share prices went up by 3%.


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