Instagram Owner Is Ready To Launch Twitter’s Rival App ‘Threads’:An App Similiar To Twitter

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Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is ready to launch Twitter’s Rival App named ‘Threads,’ an app similar to Twitter, as many Twitter users have been seeking a new home since Elon Musk bought the platform as one of Twitter’s leading social media competitors looks to offer users a new home.

Thread works on a QR code for downloading the app and shows a countdown timer, which will reach 0 on Thursday of the current week.
Marketed on the Apple App Store as ‘Threads,’ an Instagram app, the text-based communication app will be connected through the user’s Instagram account, allowing users to sign up using their Instagram accounts. The app enables users to follow individuals they are already in contact with on Instagram.

On the other hand, tech enthusiasts are excited and named the app a potential “Twitter Killer.”
“Threads is where communities come together to discuss everything from the topics you care about today to what’ll be trending tomorrow,”
Though Twitter has long been the widely used online forum for public conversation, Mark Zuckerberg always wanted to dethrone it, and now Meta has finally announced the launch of its app Thread, which is very close to Twitter.


In the last few years, Meta executives have been searching for something very similar to Twitter and are exploring ways to take advantage of the turmoil surrounding Twitter.

News reveal last December stated an internal in-post from a Meta employee saying, “Twitter is in crisis, and Meta needs its mojo back. LET’S GO FOR THEIR BREAD AND BUTTER.”

Thread, internally popular as Project 92 within the company, was created as a rapid development project derived from Instagram. The photos on Apple’s App Store indicate that users can conveniently sign in using their Instagram accounts.

In a subtle reference to Mr. Musk’s unpredictable attitude, Meta executives referred to the app as a “well-managed iteration of a social network focused on the public.

About The App ‘Thread’

The company has shared a few screenshots on Apple’s App Store, which provide some clues.

Users will be able to sign up using their Instagram accounts and will follow the duplicate accounts they follow on Instagram.

Posts-likely known as Threads, look similar to tweets, and users can like, reply, repost, and share posts. They will also have access to limit the audience for their post.

As it is mentioned that it is linked to Instagram hence, Instagram’s user base of more than 1 billion monthly active users would have easy and frequent access to an account without having to build up their following from scratch.

The announcement of Thread just came after Elon Musk took the step to limit the number of tweets users could view each day. In contrast, Musk said that Twitter noticed “extreme levels of data scraping and system manipulation.” Approximately more than 7,500 people at one point reported problems while accessing the platform based on complaints registered on DownDetector, a website that tracks online outages.

Mr. Musk did not give any comment when he was requested for. However, Thread has gradually started grabbing the public’s attention, leading Jack Dorsey, one of the Twitter founders, to tweet a screenshot of the app’s data policy. Mr. Musk only replied with “Yeah,” a straightforward answer.

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