iPhone 6S beats Galaxy S8 in speed test

Avatar Written by Ali Leghari ·  58 sec read >

Samsung faces humiliation when its newly launched Galaxy S8 lost speed test against iPhone 6S. The test was conducted by a YouTuber PhoneBuff. Despite the fact that Samsung Galaxy S8 is equipped with more features, it lagged behind in terms fast processing.

iPhone 6S is good in multi-tasking such as reopening apps. On the contrary, Samsung Galaxy S8 is good at opening smaller daily routine apps but the phone lags behind in opening Photoshop and graphically intensive games.

Samsung Galaxy S8 has almost double the RAM as that of iPhone 6S. There are reasons why iPhone 6S performed better than Samsung Galaxy S8. First Apple is good when it comes to software and hardware optimization. Moreover, Apple uses strict restrictions on its app developers, on the other hand, Samsung is more open-ended when it comes to making apps.

Leading tech analysts termed this test between Apple and Samsung as “unscientific” and absurd. They argued these kinds of tests are conducted by amateurs. Real life experience of using smartphones are different than testing phones in self-made “pathetic” laboratories.

Recently a survey was conducted by Morgan Stanley, which reports that iOS users are more loyal to their brand than Android users.

According to the survey, almost 92% Apple users would buy a new iPhone as their new mobile instead of buying a smartphone of other brands, the percentage is huge when comparing it to any other brand. Last year, the percentage was around 86%.

On the other hand, the arch rival of Apple, leading Android smartphone company Samsung is way behind Apple in terms of loyal users fan base. The company stands at 77% retention rate.