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iPhone 7 plus explodes before even being taken out of the box

Written by Shaoor Munir ·  1 min read >

In a unique incident, it has been reported by a Reddit user that his coworker’s iPhone 7 Plus exploded before he had the chance to unbox it.

In past, Samsung has been accused many times of copying software and hardware design from Apple. These two companies even fought a long court case over infringement of copyrights. It seems that its Apple’s turn to copy Samsung for a change. For the past few months, Samsung has been plagued due to faulty Note 7 devices and even issued the global recall of its sold devices. Now reportedly, an iPhone 7 Plus has exploded due to battery issues.

According to Reddit user kroopthesnoop, his coworker’s iPhone 7 plus exploded before he had the chance to even take it out of its box. In his post, he says that his coworker pre-ordered the iPhone and the device exploded before he could take it out of its packaging. Thankfully, the packaging material did not catch fire and thus he was spared from harm’s way.

Closer inspection of the device revealed that the culprit seems to be the battery of the device — same case as is with faulty Samsung Galaxy Note 7s.


The victim of this recent exploding device was contacted by an Executive from Apple’s Texas office and he assured him that Apple will work with AT&T to get him a replacement phone as soon as possible.

This has been, until now, the only reported case of an iPhone 7 or 7 plus exploding. This could be an isolated case and there is no solid reason to believe, till now, to think that newest iPhone release will suffer the same fate as Galaxy Note 7. We will make sure to update you if there is any further development in this story.

Written by Shaoor Munir
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