JS Bank’s new mobile banking app is aiming to change the way how Pakistanis handle financial transactions

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Mobile Banking

JS Bank has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to supporting modern technology and practices. It was the first bank that supported use of APIs to open up conventional banking to new and modern ideas back in December 2017.

With their Mobile wallet app, JS Bank has also been very keen to promote easy and convenient form of mobile banking. Now JS Bank has launched a brand new app dedicated to providing every mobile banking need to their customers. With this new app, JS Bank is reiterating its commitment towards providing easy and accessible banking to all its customers.

The new JS Bank mobile app comes with a number of advanced features to facilitate its customers and keep them connected to their financials at all times. The app provides easy and secure access to all transactions information, financial details, scheduled pay orders and much more at the click of a button. The app also allows users to quickly and easily pay their bills right from their smartphones, saving them from standing in long queues and wasting their valuable time.

Here are a few useful features coming with the new JS Bank mobile app:
JS Bank

1. Easy access to discounts

JS Bank mobile app provides a user with easy, one tap access to nearby merchants offering discounts. Users can also opt to receive a push notification when they are nearby a merchant offering discounts, or they can use the app to search for nearby discount offers, get their location, or even use the app to navigate to their exact location.

2. Reminders and schedules for payments

If you are someone who has the habit of forgetting about when your payments are due, JS Bank’s new mobile app will definitely help you be a bit more punctual in your financial dealings. Using the new mobile app, users can set up reminders for any transaction or financial activity. JS Bank’s new app can also schedule payments to automatically perform the transaction on the set date, relieving user completely of the burden associated with recurring payments. Payments can be scheduled in advance on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or even yearly basis.

3. Bill payment

Paying utility bills like Gas, Water, Electricity, Phone and internet by waiting in long queues outside the bank is a big hassle and inconvenience for most people. With JS Bank’s new mobile app, bill payment is as easy and pushing a button on the mobile phone. It supports paying utility bills (Electricity, Gas, Water etc.) from any linked account, Prepaid/top up the mobile, mobile postpaid bills, Internet service provider payment and bank’s credit card bill.

4. Personalization

Understanding the importance of making the whole banking experience more interesting than the monotonous routine that it is usually considered to be, JS Bank is offering a number of personalization options in the app to allow customers to make their app truly their own. Through different themes and color options available in the app, users can easily customize their JS Bank mobile app completely to their liking.

The new JS Bank Mobile app is now live and can be downloaded from the links will go here.

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