This celebrity is the first to reach 100 million Twitter followers

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Famous pop rock celebrity, Katy Perry, has become the first ever Twitter user to have reached a hundred million followers on the social media platform. The celebrity hence became the most followed user on Twitter beating all other users including the past US President Barack Obama, Donald J. Trump, Ariana Grande and Demi Lovato.

Since the celebrity joined Twitter about 8 years back, she has been actively participating on the platform. At a constant rate of about 3 tweets per day, the celebrity has sent some 8,500 tweets over this time. Katy Perry reached her 50 million followers by 2012. The most famous tweet during this time happened to be the one in which she asked One Direction perform at Video Music Awards 2012. The status was retweeted about 132 thousand times. Later last year in July, Katy Perry became the first ever Twitter user to reach 90 million Twitter followers.

Katy Perry recently released her new album namely “Witness”. Making a relatable reference to that, Twitter announced the milestone to the media in following words, “Friday we witnessed history”. Along with a shout out, Twitter also rendered a special emoji for the hashtag #LoveKaty and a celebratory video.


To which Katy Perry replied,


Although there has been an official acknowledgment from Twitter, some media outlets have also raised a possible issue; the presence of bots. Mashable pointed to a report by Digital Spy which stated that as much as 68% of Katy Perry users could be unreal. When asked for confirmation, Twitter declined to all these rumors.

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