King Charles III Presents Member Of The Order Of The British Empire Award To A Pakistani Entrepreneur

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King Charles III of the United Kingdom has given the title of “Member of the most excellent order of the British Empire (MBE) to Faraz Khan. Faraz Khan is the founder and director of Karachi-based venture capital from SEED venture.

The Most Excellent Order Of The British Empire (MBE) is a British order of chivalry, that gives recognition and reward to the arts and sciences’ work with charitable and welfare organizations. Earlier, it was established in 1917 by King George V. It comprises five classes across both civil and military divisions. Until now, the most senior two of which make the recipient either a dame if female or knight if a male.

Faraz Khan, co-founder of SEED ventures joys down the six start-ups that are proving to be the most promising in the country. Including Gizelle Communication, Borgata, DG9, SEED, Stimulus, and Aerosync. According to Faraz Khan, these ventures will definitely help in boosting the economy and relationships among the countries. Not only this but will help in providing various opportunities to our young taken and people.

Moreover, Faraz Khan has been awarded the MBE in recognition of his work towards strengthening Pakistan-UK ties. The MBE was specifically for his contributions to science, arts, charitable work, welfare work, and public service.

Faraz Khan

Faraz Khan holds a graduation degree from the University of Karachi and the University of Lincoln. As a multi-stakeholder investment and impact specialist, author, and public speaker, he owns more than 25 years of experience.

In 2009, he established SEED ventures, which specifically stands for social, entrepreneurship, and equity development (SEED). SEED venture has invested Rs 100 billion in business and impact projects.

Moreover, Faraz is constantly striving to boost the relationship between both countries. Therefore, he has partnered with international and local public and private development, academic, media and financial companies. Undoubtedly, he has raised multi-million-dollar funds through these partnerships and projects.

Besides, over 100 thousand lives impacted by the impact programs he has led between Pakistan and UK. He has worked in different areas like education, business, and social enterprise for youth, women, and marginalized segments.

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