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LinkedIn Introduces Free Verified Workplace Badges

Written by Abdullah Shahid ·  1 min read >
Displayed on user profiles, these badges will allow users to verify their identity and place of work

Linked users will soon have a free and unique way to verify their profile identity and workplace. Microsoft, the parent company to LinkedIn has announced that it’s releasing a new feature that would allow users in LinkedIn to get a verification badge, once they verify their profile and place of work through the Microsoft’s Entra-verified ID platform.

While many other social media platforms such as Twitter are now charging their users for a verified checkmark or badge, this new LinkedIn badge is completely free and will be given to all users that verify their identity and workplace.

To ensure that this new verification system works efficiently, Microsoft has partnered up with CLEAR, which is an American technology company working mostly around biometrics and verification systems.

According to details given off by LinkedIn, the verification badges will be available in two colors; blue and green; the company, however, has not revealed what each of these colors signifies or who will get which color.

While users will get this verification badge displayed on their profile, it will not appear beside their name at all times, making this a little different from the Twitter paid verification badge.

Alex Weinert, the vice president of security at Microsoft, while talking about this new LinkedIn verification feature said that “authenticity online has never been more important. We’ve seen a steady uptick in fraudulent presentations with people pretending to be people they’re not in all kinds of different forms. You want to know really that if you interact with somebody who says they’re employed by a certain company or represent a certain company that you can trust who they say they are. The need for that is pretty clear.”


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