Meet the 20 startups shortlisted for the NEST 7th batch

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The Nest I/O, business incubator at Karachi, has introduced its latest cohort of 20 startups working in areas as diverse as Education, Technology, Healthcare, and Lifestyle. This is the 7th batch of startups being incubated at The Nest I/O where they will receive the support needed to turn their ideas into a scalable business.

During the four-month period, the startups will also be attending various sessions with keynote speakers, participating in team building activities, perfecting and improving skill sets, having one-on-one focused mentoring sessions with industry experts and try out assumptions prior to launching their businesses. The Nest I/O provides a safe and creative space for startups to validate their business ideas and turn them into viable business models. It also provides them with free space and resources where they can interact with peers, learn, experience and start developing their own networks.

With this seventh batch on its way, the total number of incubated startups is now around 137 out of which an increasing number of co-founders are women. In Batch 7 alone, 8 of the 20 startups incubated are founded by female entrepreneurs.

  1. Asaan Taleem: Asaan Taleem provides access to online, interactive educational content to students, bringing them one step closer to achieving academic excellence. Facebook | Website
  2. BlockShift: Blockshift aims to harness the potential of blockchain technology to modernize the educational sector of Pakistan. They offer painless, automated online storage and verification of academic records using blockchain technology.Facebook | Website
  3. Blueacon: A team of experienced developers, Blueacon is working on a large scale IoT platform which will allow businesses to broadcast information to smart devices at a much higher targeting accuracy than a GPS. Facebook
  4. Concrete to Abstract: They focus on educators who champion a concept-driven pedagogical philosophy of teaching math. They design teaching aids and math manipulatives, which can then be used to train teachers in their customized Math Lab. Facebook
  5. DESK (Digital Education Streaming for Pakistan): Created by academics with professional experience, DESK aims to bring the Pakistani education sector at par with global standards. The venture is working to provide a unified platform of video content, digital assessments and online reading material to various educational institutions. Facebook | Website
  6. Dreamnode Studios: Dreamnode Studios are a local game development studio with global ambitions. Their latest venture is building an extremely addictive, super fun, app-based multiplayer football game.
  7. Enent: Enent includes technology professionals who have dedicated the last 2 years working on a prototype that could finally solve Pakistan’s energy crisis. They have developed a Three-phase Load Balancer (patent pending), that cuts power loss by an estimated 20%.
  8. Ferox Virtual Reality: The startup includes a group of university students eager to disrupt the healthcare space in Pakistan by introducing Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT) to the treatment of phobia disorders. Facebook
  9. Go Mobishop: Go Mobishop aims to bring together our years of experience in marketing to the mobile commerce space with our venture, Go Mobishop. With the help of our platform, we allow retail businesses of all sizes to launch native mobile apps in a matter of hours, without having to worry about investment or app developers.Facebook | Website
  10. Iorena: The startup aims to use VR to revolutionize the way architectural models are visualised.Facebook | Website
  11. Jeevay Sehat: The startup aims to make healthcare accessible to all in Pakistan through secure online platform. Jeevay Sehat connects patients to doctors via audio and video consultations. Facebook | Website
  12. Just Because: The startup aims to introduce the concept of a gift registry. Through their website, users can curate the set of gifts that they wish to receive from their loved ones on various occasions. Facebook | Website
  13. Paiman: Paiman aims to rejuvenate the cherished tradition of using pure, organic cosmetic products. The startup offers access to pure, artisanal, hand-pressed oils and herbs through their website. Facebook
  14. Power Rider: Power Rider is an app based transport and delivery service that provides smart solution to your pick-and-drop and delivery needs. Facebook
  15. The startup provides an online platform to connect mental health professionals with people looking for counselling and therapy. Facebook | Website
  16. Sehatmand Mustaqbil: The startup aims to create a network of ICT-enabled facilitation units to connect doctors with patients in rural and underprivileged communities. Facebook | Website
  17. Tadrees: TADREES is a student-based welfare organization that aims to make quality education accessible to the underprivileged children of Pakistan. Facebook
  18. Tilism Technologies (Pvt) Limited: Tilism Technologies believes in harnessing the immense riches of tech-based talent in Pakistan. Our venture, TelloTalk is Pakistan’s own robust and feature-rich communications platform created for scalable Peer-to-Peer and Business-to-Customers interactions. Facebook | Website
  19. Weemakers: WeeMakers hopes to teach young children the concepts of 3D Printing, robotics and more, with the eventual goal of bringing out the Maker in every child. Facebook | Website
  20. Xcelliti: Xcelliti is a customer-centric services and solutions provider with a wide array of offerings that increase value for partners. Their newest innovation, Authentik, is a product verification solution, a technology that allows the customers to verify the authenticity of a product using their smartphone. Facebook
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