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Messy inbox? CleanEmail can help with its 80% discount

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With everything going digital, the businesses and individuals both are now using emails for communication in huge proportions. Although generally very convenient, the service can become very clumsier too because a lot of emails keep stacking up and losing track of important conversations can easily become inevitable.

This is where CleanEmail can make the life easier for you. CleanEmail is an intelligent application that can optimize your inbox just through a few clicks. Right now, this deal can give you as much as 80% on discount too so there is a good catch.

CleanEmail is an online email manager that uses the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to smartly sort email inboxes and keep them in order. The algorithms on this tool are smart enough to identify the emails on their own and the users can always modify these rules so that no important email is lost in the realm of spam.

How it works:

The users can apply different labels and rename the existing ones. The users can also define actions for certain labels and whenever an email of that label is received, the application automatically performs that action. Needless to say that whenever an email is received, CleanEmail checks it against the spam and virus filters on its servers. If the user itself has created some type of blacklists, CleanEmail checks for those too. The tool works for all of the email service providers and has support for desktop and mobile both.

The Deal:

Once bought, the CleanEmail subscription can manage as much as 5 email accounts for you. The software has been made fully encrypted too so that the users’ data remains safe. The lifetime subscription of this tool was originally priced at $249.95 but, right now, this subscription can be bought for as little as $44.99.

Deal courtesy, TheNextWeb, Image via TechHive

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