Microsoft engineer develops a Bot which tweets swear words from GitHub

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Microsoft engineer has developed an insanely hilarious twitter bot that which tweets swear word from git hub. Gitlost Hub GitHub.

Developers are humans and they have an aptitude for dishing out witty remarks even at those places where it is difficult. The recent example of which is a tired Microsoft developer, who has made a Twitter bot that tweets without any concern of time, language, and platform.

Will Pearson, a software engineer of MS Azure, has developed Gitlost, a hilarious bot that hunts the GitHub API for commits containing obscenity. Later on, the bot publicizes it on Twitter for everybody to read.

The bot has turned out to be a funny addition to the Twitter arena as it has got the attention of developers all over the world. The tweets are hilarious, witty with a sprinkle of swear words here and there.

This AI bot has turned out to be a favorite time pass for many Twitteratis especially developers looking for something fun to waste their time and relax a bit.

Will was smart enough to mute commit links from where the profanities in question have been seen. It looks like the only reason was to block opportunistic devs from using this bot for publicity purposes.

The bot was launched back in 2013 and has tweeted more than 40,000 thousand tweets. Most of these tweets are obscenity-ridden commit messages.

The good side is GitHub users continue to supply it with fresh curse daily. In the normal routine, the bot tends to tweet a minimum of 10 times per day, which is more than enough to make your day joyful.

Written by Sajeel Syed
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